Spray Coating /Color Spraying
In order to give the bottle a unique appearance, one of the most effective decorative methods is color spraying, which allows the glass bottle to be sprayed in whole or in part, using one or more colors. The sprayed glass bottles can be translucent or opa
Glass bottle labeling is one of the most widely used glass bottle surface decoration technologies, especially suitable for unique glass bottles. The ink-printed label is manually stuck to the surface of the designated glass bottle. After baking at a high
Glass bottle engraving/polishing refers to the technique of engraving various patterns on the glass or polishing the surface of the glass bottle to make it look more high-end and crystal clear.

SK has its own engraving and polishing technicians, which
Frosting/etching and Ceramic Coating
The glass bottle acid frosting technology has a special effect on the outer surface of the glassware, so the glass loses its transparency and achieves a pleasant tactile roughness. Masking specific areas creates a transparent “window” effect on the froste
Silk Screen Printing
Silk screen printing is the use of ink to apply a variety of patterns directly to glass bottles, usually for regular glass bottles.The image is printed on a glass bottle by screen printing, and the ink on the glass surface is deeply baked after high tempe