Quality Control

Sample Quality Test:
Professional QC measure technical parameters and visual  appearance of glass bottles according to confirmed drawing and layout by clients.
Mass Production Quality Test:
1.A half-hourly technical parameters inspection includes glass bottle capacity, weight, height, diameter, thickness, filling line, leak-proofness, performance under stress and pressure, impact resistance, etc.
2.Visual appearance inspection of every bottle includes split lines, bubble, neck finish, bottle body, bottom, cleanliness, etc.
3.Decoration appearance inspection of every bottle includes label content, label position, adhesive, color,cleanliness, etc.
Finished products Quality Test: 
Bottles will be tested by random to check whether meet the standard of technical parameters and any visual flaws on bottle appearance. 

Quality Test Before Delivery:
1.Professional QC will conduct a sampling test to ensure bottles have reached our standard.
2.Check whether the packing methods of glass bottles is secure and suitable for long-distance overland transportation and seaway transportation.

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