Production Info&FAQ




Q:Why choose a China glass manufacturer instead of a European glass factory?
A:Most buyers believe that Europe offers a promise of quality, while China is only focused on price. That is a misconception. SK is a company focusing on production process and quality control, We have a professional quality management team. Our quality is comparable to any European glass manufacturer of the same level.  A quick talk with some of our existing clients will reassure you on our quality-level. SK are not only able to achieve better prices than anywhere in Europe or the USA, but you also offer the benefits of a unparalleled flexibility, fast turn-around, and a dedicated team of professional technicians.

Q: Is it possible to get free sample?

 A: SK can offer free sample in stock ,just need clients pay for freight cost. 

Q:Is it possible to order custom bottle samples?How long does it take?
A: SK can make custom bottle samples if clients pay for sample mould. Sample mould fee is US $1,200, normally needs 15-20days.

Q:How much does a set of production molds cost?How long does it take?
A:The base cost of production mould is roughly US $3,000 for a standard bottle, normally needs 25-30 days. The  larger the size and complexity of the shape, the higher of production mould cost.

Q: What is packing method?
A: 1)Carton packing
    2)Pallet packing
    3)Carton and pallet packing

Q: What is the delivery time(for a custom bottle)?
A: It is about 30-60days after the sample is confirmed, production mould is finished and get the deposit.

Q:Do we nedd to clean bottles before filling?

A:Like all other bottling plant anywhere in the world; some dust, card shavings or other particulate can enter bottles and they should always be cleaned on your production line prior to filling.

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