Empty 1.75L Glass Bottle

Item No.: SK-S013
Material: Super Flint
Color: Extra White
Finish: Screw Top / Ropp Top
Shape: Round
Capacity: 1750ml

This is a 1750ml round glass bottle made of super flint material. The capacity can be adjusted to 50ml spirits glass bottle, 375ml spirits glass bottle, 500ml glass spirits bottle, 750ml glass spirits bottle, 1000ml glass spirits bottle and so on according to customer's requirements. It is suitable for vodka, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, cognac, tequila, gin, wine and other liquor packaging.

Decoration Application:
SK Internation Packing Company Limited provides a wide range of decorations for glass spirits bottles.Labeling,silk printing,decal,frosting,color spraying, electroplating,polishing,engraving,etc. This 1750ml liquor glass bottle is available for all of above decorations.